Timeless Everyday Carry

          Welcome to TimelessEDC, your one stop shop for all of your everyday carry needs.
We are a fast growing online survival and everyday carry store that sells low priced, high-quality tactical gear and equipment. We strive to make products that fit the needs of every individual customer.
Many of us will carry something with us every day for our whole lives and we feel inseparable without them! What do we carry psychically every day throughout our lives? What unshakable loves, triumphs or never-ending guilt, what secrets we would never tell a soul although the burden of them constantly weighs us down? What dark or light memories that no matter how much we try to erase or preserve them, dictate their own terms?

         You may have noticed that there are many everyday carry products available for purchase. Everyday carry items can range from pistols to pens and from flashlights to survival gear. It can be overwhelming for the first time buyer in this vast world of different types of everyday carry items. 

         As a company, we value our customers more than anything and we have made it our objective to guide you through this vast industry. If you have any questions, please contact us through our social media or our email and we will respond to you almost immediately.                                                                                                                                   
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